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Wurrie™ Magic Eyelash Curler

Wurrie™ Magic Eyelash Curler

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❤️ Tired of lashes that look burnt, flat, or lack volume? Look no further – our magic eyelash curler is the solution for you!


Wurrie™ Magic Eyelash Curler

Regular price $19.99
Sale price $19.99 Regular price $36.35
SAVE 45% Sold out
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How to use it?

Step 1: First, apply mascara to your lashes and allow it to dry. Don't worry; you can also use the curler without mascara!

Step 2: Begin with the lower temperature setting. Gently place the curler at the lash roots and hold for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Increase the heat by pressing the power button again. Position the curler in the middle of your lashes and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this process at the tips of your lashes to achieve a beautiful curl.

Step 4: Repeat both steps with the higher temperature until you achieve your desired curl. Once you've achieved the perfect shape, you can style or separate your lashes to create your preferred look.

Step 5: Don't forget to clean your curler using the provided brush to prevent mascara from sticking to the applicator tip.

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We understand that you're eager to start using your Lomo Magic Eyelash Curler, and with our swift delivery, you won't have to wait long , delivering your orders right to your doorstep within just 3-7 business days.

Money Back Guarantee

Our commitment to your happiness extends beyond your initial purchase, ensuring that you have a risk-free, enjoyable experience with Lomo Magic Eyelash Curler. Contact us if you are not satisfied and we will take care of the rest!

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Lash Perfection Awaits

Your Journey to Mesmerizing Lashes!



  • Dramatic Transformation

    Achieve a stunning lash makeover with a dramatic curl that opens up your eyes and enhances your overall look.

  • Quick and Effortless

    Save time in your daily beauty routine. This eyelash curler provides quick and effortless curling, making your mornings a breeze

  • Wireless Design

    The compact and portable design makes it easy to take your Lomo Magic Eyelash Curler with you wherever you go, ensuring picture-perfect lashes on the fly.

  • Safe & Gentle Heat Technology

    Our innovative heat technology ensures a safe and gentle curling process, leaving your lashes beautifully styled without damage

Achieve Alluring Eyes in Seconds

No more struggling with traditional curlers or spending precious time on elaborate lash routines. Our Lomo Magic Eyelash Curler simplifies the process, so you can achieve that captivating, alluring gaze you've always desired within seconds.

The Better Choice.

Why we believe we are better than every other eyelash curler


Instant Results

Lasts 12+ Hours

Easy To Use


Safe Technology

  • ★★★★★


    "Super Long Lasting"

    Every morning, my routine starts with the Lomo Magic Eyelash Curler. It's become an essential part of my daily makeup ritual. With just a few seconds of gentle heat and a little curl, my lashes transform, making my eyes pop. It's incredible how such a small tool can have such a big impact on my confidence. I wear it to work, to events, or even just to run errands.

    Sarah J.

  • ★★★★★


    My Beauty Secret!

    No matter where I'm headed – whether it's the office, a special event, or a casual day out – I never leave home without using it. It's so convenient, and the curl it creates stays intact all day, which is fantastic. It's made a huge difference in my overall appearance. I used to be self-conscious about my lashes, but now I feel more confident and polished, all thanks to this incredible curler. It's the must-have tool that enhances my everyday look and complements my style effortlessly

    Emma P.

  • ★★★★★


    "A Perfect Finishing Touch"

    The curl it gives my lashes makes my eyes look wide awake and alluring. I love how it's become an indispensable part of my routine. It's a small investment that makes a significant impact on how I feel every day, giving me that extra boost of self-assuredness.

    Olivia M.

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Your Questions, Answered

what's in the box?

1x lomo magic heated eyelash curler

1x charging cable

how long will my lashes stay curled?

your curls will be locked in for up to 12 hours!

is it healthy for my eyelashes?

our lomo magic eyelash curler has three gentle temperature settings that are 100% physically safe with intelligent temperature control & a protective net. Rest assured it temperature isn’t damaging at all and leaves lashes feeling full and healthy!

how does it work?

the lomo magic eyelash curler replaces the old pinching lash curler and gives you the best long lasting lifted lashes with gentle temperature.

the three gentle temperature options lock in the curl with intelligent temperature control. Hold it 10 secs and brush trough to lift up your lashes.

Does it work on my short/straight/stubborn/long eyelashes?

yes, our lomo magic eyelash curler works for all lash types and eye shapes. With the curved applicator you have the ability to move the applicator freely to design and shape your lashes how you want.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Karina N.
Bought 1 more for my daughter

I love my new curler so much that I had to get one for my daughter too. We both adore our beautiful, long-lasting curls. It's a must-have in our daily routines!

Sammy G.
Morning Rush Saver

Can't get enough of this eyelash curler. It's a must-have in my beauty routine. It's quick, easy, and my curls stay put all day. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results.

Olivia K.
Old curlers pinched but this is easy

Old eyelash curlers were a real pain – they always seemed to pinch and cause discomfort. I can't even count how many times I ended up with red, sore eyelids in the past.
I couldn't be more pleased with the lomo curler. It's made a world of difference in my beauty routine, and I can enjoy stunning, long-lasting curls without any of the pinching issues I used to face

Lilly S.
Lasted the whole day!

I tried the Lomo Magic Eyelash Curler for the first time at night and was pleasantly surprised to wake up the next morning with my lashes still nicely curled. I decided to use it before work at 7 am, and to my delight, by 5 pm, my lashes were still as beautifully curled as they were in the morning.

Lauren M.
Best beauty invesmtent!

My lashes look stunning and natural. The Lomo Magic Eyelash Curler is a new essential in my daily routine. Even got one for my best friend!